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28 Aug 13
Respecting my career

"Everything has been going so well for me since I turned professional and I'm really enjoying this period of my career and my life, but this is the first real disappointment I've had to endure since signing pro terms at the beginning of the year. "

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"I was all set to be on the undercard of the best boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather, and his titanic battle with the prodigious talent of the Mexican superstar Saul Alvarez. 'Was' being the operative word as this is my unfortunate announcement that I've been forced to pull out of the card"

"Since my last fight I've picked up a niggly little injury that has restricted my training somewhat. If a gun was held to my head and it was a matter of life or death then I'd probably be able to compete but I'm not in this game for probably's and possibly's. I one day want to be the best. Thats not going to happen if I take chances with my career. If I only train at 75% when the going gets tough I'll only be able to deliver 75% of my true ability"

"Its been such a tough decision to make, I'd have loved nothing more than to be around Team Mayweather on fight week and learned from the great man himself. Watched how he conducted himself around his adoring fans and pick up as many tips as I could to hold me in good stead for when I'm fighting and defending world titles myself"

"I'm a very fortunate young man, I've spoken before about how brilliant my team (The O-Army) are, and fortunately the medical department of my team are second to none. My physio, John Bower, has become not just a great physio to me, but a true friend. I value his guidance on a professional aspect as I do our friendship on a personal one. John has stitched me up and got me back out ready to war week after week since we've been together and I'm lucky to have him"

"Dr Nick Wilford is one of the top Sports Physicians in the country. Dr Wilford is the team doctor of my team Norwich City FC. His knowledge is top notch and his enthusiasm for elite sport is phenomenal. Norwich are progressing into a really solid premiership club and looking to build on each season until they are one of England's top clubs again, like we were at the inception of the Premier League. With Dr Wilford looking after the talent in Norfolk it won't take long until we are back with the big boys. So I'm extremely lucky to have Nick looking out for my health"

"Between Dr Wilford, John and myself we decided to miss this fight rather than risk further damage. It's been such a tough decision to make due to the enormity of the stage. But due to that reason I'd want to impress and try my hardest to steal the show. At only 75% I wouldn't be able to do that. There's nothing worse than seeing a boxer under perform then sit on the ring apron and complain about his training camp. I've lost respect for many a boxer by doing that and I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite"

"I'd like to thank Richard Schaefer and the Golden Boy team in giving me this opportunity in the first place, the chance to be on such a card would be an amazing experience and the only reason I'm pulling out is because I respect my career, Golden Boy, my training and management team and everyone that has helped me to get to where I am today too much to risk it"

"Thanks to John and Nick for helping me make the right decision and making me the best athlete that I can possibly be. I also can't thank Dan Cyprus and The Norwich Spire Hospital enough for getting me in super quick to scans and consultations with the hospitals top consultants, the great work by them have ensured that I've been able to tailor my training rather than risk more damage"

"Sorry to everyone that is going there and wanted to see me, the ball is already in motion as to when I'll be fighting again, it will be soon, so please keep visiting my website, following me on twitter and Facebook to check my progress."

"I hope you're all having a great summer so far. Take care, the O-Army WILL be back on the long road to greatness very soon"

"Thanks again for visiting my website and being first to get an insight into my career and for taking each step with me"

Anthony Ogogo

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